Retails BP-708 Bluetooth Mobile printer

Model: BP-708

* Mini size, Lightweight
* 1600mAH, 7.4V rechargeable li-ion battery, quick charge
* Continuously work and stand by for 72 hours
* 58mm/s high printing speed
* Standard interface: USB; Bluetooth
* Support various languages, easy to use

Retails BP 708 Bluetooth Mobile printer

Retails Bluetooth Mobile printer BP 708

Product Name58mm buletooth mobile thermal printer support IOS Android system
Printing MethodThermal Line Printing
Print Width48mm
Print Density384 dots / line
Print Speed90mm/s
InterfaceUSB+ Bluetooth
Paper Width58mm
Roll Diameter50mm
Paper Thickness0.06-0.08mm
Print CommandESC/POS
Character Size12*24 point
Code Type




Input Buffer512K bytes
Power AdapterInput AC220V; output DC9V/1A
Lithium Battery1600mAh/7.4V
Charging Time3 hours
Operating SystemAndroid, IOS, Windows
Mechanical Properties50KM
Working EnvironmentTemperature 0℃ ~50℃; Humidity 20%~85%
Storage EnvironmentTemperature -20℃~60℃, Humidity 5%~95%


Retails Bluetooth Mobile printer BP-708 Price


Compact and Lightweight Printing Power

Miniature Size for On-the-Go Convenience

Introducing the Retails BP-708 Bluetooth Mobile Printer, a compact and portable printing solution that revolutionizes mobile printing. With its mini size, this printer fits seamlessly into your pocket or bag, making it ideal for on-the-go professionals. Experience the freedom of mobile printing without compromising on performance or quality.

Unmatched Lightweight Design for Ultimate Portability

Say goodbye to cumbersome printing equipment. The Retails BP-708 Bluetooth Mobile Printer weighs a mere 200g, including the paper roll and battery. Its lightweight design ensures that you can carry it effortlessly, whether you’re in the office, on-site, or traveling. Never be weighed down by heavy printing devices again and enjoy the freedom of mobility.

Uninterrupted Performance and Versatile Connectivity

Long-Lasting Battery Life for Continuous Printing

The Retails BP-708 Bluetooth Mobile Printer is equipped with a powerful 600mAH, 7.4V rechargeable li-ion battery. Experience the convenience of extended printing sessions without the need for frequent recharging. With its quick charge capability, you can rapidly replenish the battery and resume your printing tasks efficiently. Enjoy uninterrupted productivity and focus on what matters most.

Standby for 72 Hours, Ready Whenever You Need It

Stay prepared for any printing requirement with the Retails BP-708 Bluetooth Mobile Printer. With its impressive standby time of 72 hours, this printer remains ready to spring into action whenever you need it. Whether you’re in a bustling business setting or on a remote job site, rest assured that your printer will be there, eliminating downtime and keeping your workflow smooth.

Swift Printing Speed and User-Friendly Experience

High-Speed Printing for Efficient Output

Experience the power of rapid printing with the Retails BP-708 Bluetooth Mobile Printer. With its remarkable printing speed of 58mm/s, this printer ensures that your documents, receipts, and labels are produced quickly and efficiently. Save valuable time and increase productivity, all while maintaining excellent print quality and clarity. Stay ahead of deadlines and deliver results promptly.

Seamless Connectivity and Language Support

The Retails BP-708 Bluetooth Mobile Printer offers versatile connectivity options to suit your needs. With standard interfaces like USB and Bluetooth, you can effortlessly connect to your devices and start printing without hassle. Additionally, this printer supports various languages, ensuring that language barriers are never an issue. Enjoy a user-friendly experience with easy setup and compatibility across different systems.

Retails Technology

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Retails BP 708 Bluetooth Mobile printer
Retails BP 708 Bluetooth Mobile printer
Retails BP 708 Bluetooth Mobile printer